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Hexel Event is a modern company, with a young and active team, enthusiastic about its work, based on each client´s preferences, on an ongoing search of valid alternatives to guarantee the success of their event, constantly pursuing the improvement of the service quality for the benefit of our clients.

It is managed by people with a wide professional background in the Tourist Service Sector, Customer Care, Protocol, Personal Image, Public Relations, Quality and Service excellence, and has the support of a professional team of the industrial, social and legal sectors. We aim at building long-lasting relationships with companies and their clients, as part of them, in order to provide support for their Marketing, Communication and Assistance actions, developing an exhaustive follow-up of our work.

Our qualified staff of hostesses, interpreters, public relations managers, coordinators, promoters, information staff, models, etc. meet all our clients´ projects needs. Hexel Event has created a technical, human and finance structure, able to carry out large projects leading to clients´ trustworthiness.

Our strong and rooted criteria of selecting, encouraging and motivating our personnel, a constant adaptation and incorporation of technological advances, an ongoing training mechanism, the implementation of quality assurance, a serious critical and perfection-oriented organization, and an exhaustive study of every single project are, ultimately, our core features and what make us progress and grow day after day.

Our clients



- Catwalks / Fashion Shows
- Show-Rooms
- Fashion Catalogs and Publicity
- Magazine Editorials
- Commercial Spots
- Videoclips
- Produccions

- Audiovisual Prod. / TV
- Photo Sessions
- Professional Books
- Castings
- Actors
- Promotion / Movie Extras


Una boda a lo Lady Gaga

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Llega a Palma la XVIII edición del salón de bodas y otras celebraciones

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Inauguración de Nupcial 2011

Se presenta mañana en el recinto ferial del...
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